Business Trends #2

Wall street is hoping that European leaders, who are meeting this coming week, will be able to reach an agreement on the size and scope of a euro-zone bail out fund for the regions troubles banks and help Greece avert defaulting on its loans. It’s been a strong earnings season so far or some of America’s biggest companies. This week, look for more quarterly reports from the likes of UPS, Netflix, caterpillar, duopont, 3M, Hershey, and Also, this week there will be readings on the struggling housing market which is suffering from the foreclosure crisis and tight credit demands … Continue reading Business Trends #2

Jobs Battle- Senate to hold first vote today

Today we could see the first vote on part of Obamas jobs plan, the part the white house says will save the jobs of more than 400,000 public workers. The problem is that it will cost $35 billion and raise taxes on millionaires to pay for it and Republicans are dead set against that. On the road Obama criticized the republican alternative saying “Dirtier air, dirtier water, fewer people on health care, less accountability on wall street. That is not a jobs plan…putting more teachers in the classroom, that is a jobs plan” about the republicans “temporary fix” On another … Continue reading Jobs Battle- Senate to hold first vote today

Business Trends #1

General Motors makes good with auto workers, Reebok pays millions for false advertising, and the iPad gets some serious competetion. Heres whats new in the business world today. GM strikes a deal with its auto union. The majority of UAW employees giving the green light to a new four year contract with the bailed out auto maker. i mean, who wouldnt; it gives them a $5000 signing bonus and profit hikes. GM is also promising to hire 51,000 workers. Reebok’s Easy Tone shoes is costing the company some cold hard cash. The company is agreeing to cough up $25 Million … Continue reading Business Trends #1

Government Avoids Shutdown

With 26 Republicans joining Democrats, the Senate okayed a two-part deal to avoid a Government shutdown. FEMA will have funds they need to provide food and shelter to those people who have been affected by this disaster. And they can restart the programs that have come to screeching halt. The bill includes $2.6 billion fro FEMA. The White House budget director confirmed monday that FEMA wasn’t going to run out of money today after all. FEMA has used some accounting tricks to make sure it has money through the end of the week. That means FEMA gets a billion less, … Continue reading Government Avoids Shutdown