Cop It Sweet – Part 2

The time I spend with Jason is mostly filled with talking and exploring new things that we otherwise would not have without each other. We have talked about the things people tend to avoid when they’re trying to make a good impression: hopes subverted by mistakes, relationships sabotaged by shortcomings. He has shown me new views of this city from the rooftops of different buildings he’s built, and I introduced him to trap music. We have totally different backgrounds and come from two different worlds, yet it seems like we have known each other our whole lives. Continue reading Cop It Sweet – Part 2

Dopes I’ve Dated – Carter Part 2

Things began to get complicated when inexplicable things started to happen in our individual lives. In retrospect, we were not supportive of each other, and we did not know how to incorporate and prioritize our relationship as we tried to navigate through life changing incidences. We moved as individuals, instead of as one. After a while the space between us became more than just a matter of miles. Continue reading Dopes I’ve Dated – Carter Part 2