Misery Needs Company….or NOT

From where I’m standing, perhaps alone, on some mountain peak nobody else knew existed—or worse, knew existed, but never really wanted to explore—love is like everything else in the world. It’s changing to fit the world and the people around us, just as technology continues to provide us with things we didn’t know we needed and our professional lives force us to become better, different, stronger, more aware. So why wouldn’t love expect the same of us? I am comfortable alone. I am comfortable with silence. I am happy alone. I don’t know why, or how I turned out to … Continue reading Misery Needs Company….or NOT

Theres No Way

I’ve never been one to feel guilty about falling for someone. I mean what’s there to feel guilty about, right? Love, endorphins, happiness? Yeah, that’s what I thought and yet there’s this lingering feeling inside of me that’s thinking, “your love is no good here.” It’s almost as if I feel guilty about bogging someone down with feelings that I haven’t even really expressed to them. It’s absolutely insane and I don’t even know how I got to this point. What I do know is that no one should ever make you feel bad about loving someone, not even the … Continue reading Theres No Way